Custom Design

At JoesphK Jewelers, we believe jewelry is an expression of your personality and thrive on finding a way to turn your unique ideas into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Our in-house jewelry designers and goldsmiths enjoy sitting down with our customers and collaborating in creating something beautiful and meaningful that can be passed down for generations. With over 80 years of combined experience in creating hand made jewelry this is an area where we excel.

JosephK Jewelers Custom Design Process

Step 1: Dream Phase

A: We call the first step our Dream Phase because this is when we get to collaborate and discuss what you see as a dream piece of jewelry. Our designers will team up with you using their vast experience, take what you express to them, and put together some ideas. From these base concepts, they are able to move on to the next step in the design.

Step 2: First Look

The next step in our Custom Design Process is to make it possible for you to see what your custom designed piece will look like. Using specialized CAD software, you will see a rendering of your special piece of jewelry. This is a unique opportunity to see the not yet finished design.

Step 3: Carving the Wax Mold & Approval

To ensure that everything will turn out perfect, we create a wax model to scale. This will allow you to see the exact shape and size of the entire piece as well as give you an opportunity to make changes.

Step 4: Final Product

Upon final approval, your design will go through a number of different processes to produce the final piece. We will then contact you to come into to our showroom to pick up your new creation.